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FY 2014 CTE Supplemental State Funding Calculation

    This page reports districts’ career technical education state funding and the permissible uses of the funds in a biweekly guidance letter that details the areas of allowable expenditure in the context of each foundation payment for career technical students receiving services in any one of the following 5 program categories:

  • Category 1: WFD in Agriculture and Environmental Systems, Construction Technologies, Engineering and Science Technologies, Finance, Health Science, Information Technology and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Category 2: WFD in Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Law and Public Safety, Transportation Systems and Arts and Communications
  • Category 3: Career Based Intervention Programs
  • Category 4: WFD in Education and Training, marketing, WFD in Academics, Public Administration and Career Development
  • Category 5: Family and Consumer Science Programs


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